In a first time, Astronomers detected an atmosphere around Earth like planet

Berlin : For the first time, Astronomers have detected an atmosphere around an Earth-like planet just 39 light years away. This efforts of scientists is be considered an important step towards the detection of life beyond our solar system. Scientists, including those from Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany, studied the planet known as GJ 1132b, which is 1.4 times the size of our planet.

Researchers associated with the project told the media that  detected an atmosphere is Too much like our Earth. This atmosphere around super Earth GJ 1132b marks for the first time the detection of an atmosphere around a planet with a mass and radius close to the Earth’s mass and radius (1.6 Earth masses, 1.4 Earth radii). With the present observation, we have taken the first tentative steps into analysing the atmosphere of smaller, lower mass planets that are much more Earth-like in size and mass.

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