Parineeti wants to hunt Ghosts!

Sushmita Chanda

Q. What comes to your mind when you hear the term “ghost”?

A. Obviously fear. That’s because it is something which you don’t know about, you can’t see nor touch and if it is physically doing things around you, then apparently its only fear that you experience.

Q. What is your perception about ghosts and spirits?

A. I have heard stories from people around me related to ghostly activities which I am not sure of but I tend to believe in it, I believe that there is definitely something out there which I cannot see, like I have not seen God but I do believe in Him. Fortunately I have not gone through any such incidents and would not like to either.

Q. So you are a believer, right??

A. Yes, I do believe that there is something unknown lurking around.

Q. Have you come across people who are suffering from black magic or have heard stories about it?

A. I am fortunate that the family that I come from, the friends I have are all very much educated and knowledge takes away these ancient ways of thinking and I think your society is doing a good thing by spreading the knowledge about these things, it helps us find a logical reasoning behind abnormal things. 70% of our population is illiterate and they go to these babas and tantriks where they are swindled off their money, hope, faith and trust, there are family feuds going on because of their beliefs. I believe that while we are spreading general education about educating the girl child, we should also help them get rid of these illiteracies and I am so glad that you are doing that. This will take care of so many myths going on from generations to generation right since their ancestral days.

Q. Any grandma grandpa stories that still spook you out when you are alone?

A. Nooooo (exclaiming)…in fact my lovely grandparents always told me that there is nothing to fear when they are there. I think that’s a good thing because they had had told me such stories about black magic and such stuff, I would have had grown up being a staunch believer in these things. So, that fact that I don’t believe in such stupid things like black magic, yet I know that there is something there is a very rational way at looking at such things and this is what my lovely family has instilled into me. I have only grown up hearing to stories on partition from my grandparents (with a big laugh).

Q. Any instance of real life that any person has shared with you?

A. I have heard about my mom and her friend who have tried doing planchette during her young teenage days and she remembers very vividly that she had actually seen that coin turn, move, go in circles and travel on the paper forming complete believable sentences. Also I have heard stories from my brother who has actually seen his study books physically rise up and fly out through the window, but that’s it. I don’t have an appetite for more horror stories and thankfully haven’t come across much (smiling).

Q. You have enacted some really tough roles in movies, daredevil and rough kinds in your reel life, what will you do if you come across a actual paranormal situation in real life?

A. Oh my God, that’s acting, it’s very easy to act tough, but in real life you cannot tough act in front of a ghost. I really don’t know how I will react as I said because it is something unknown and I would not be sure what it will do the next moment. It is really scary and I would probably be awe scared. It’s good that I came across you, I guess the first thing I will do is call you up (with a wink and a huge smile). But, I would not want to subject myself to any kind of fear, anyways I have a very small threshold for fear and pain and I would not want to go through it.

Q. Are you fond of horror movies?

A. I can’t watch horror movies. In my life I haven’t seen a single horror movie; I cannot watch even their promos. I have tried watching them but halfway I quit, I just can’t sustain the fear factor in them. I get nightmares even if I hear any horror story, forget watching them, although I know they are not even close to reality.

Q. Would you act in a horror movie?

A. Noooo (with a big exclaim), I would never. When people approach me with such scripts, I scream and tell them not to even give me a narration. I can’t do a film that I would myself never watch, not even its trailer. I admit that I am an extreme case but that’s the way I am. I am really glad that you crossed over, I would love it if the fear goes away one day.

Q. If you get a chance, would you want to come for a ghost tour?

A. Nooo (with a shriek), never but if you have a way of getting rid of my fear without scaring me, please let me know. But, I won’t be going on a ghost tour as I would be too scared.  I can come on a day ghost tour, par raat ko main nahi aungi (winking). I can come to your workshop though to take care of my fears (smiling).

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