Understanding “Aghora”

-Shishir Kumar

He did not have those human skulls around him; neither did I find a pinch of funeral ash on his body nor was he covered with exotic rudraksh beads. Clad in a just black dhoti, he sat surrounded by some 50 followers who seemed in a different zone of ecstasy. He had come down from his cave near Ambajee in Gujarat to meet his disciples.

I met Adeshnathjee Aghori, the aghor guru, in Delhi to be a part of his 20 days journey around India and to understand what this world of supernatural had to offer. Here I am sharing with a part of my talks with the great saint.

  1. Gurujee, why is Aghor so fearful?
  1. Did you get frightened seeing me? Aghor is exactly opposite. It means which is not fearful. The very basic of Aghor is that you should be a part of this universe and when you are a part of everything and everyone on this living earths how you can be fearful to anyone.

Aghor is not just tantra that people think about. It is the path to god realization. We are of course extremist at it. We don’t believe in even God till we see it. Aghor is the Siddha panth. Means you are guided to God alone to realize yourself, find yourself and complete yourself.

Of course there are people who have understood this path wrong and then they have promoted it wrongly. Those are the people who are here for power or business. But for a real aghori, power or money don’t even exist.

You would also be surprised to know that the only marg that can lead you to Param Hansa stage is Aghor marg. See, there are three stages in the marg. The first is Augad, the learners, they practice or say learn tantra try to understand the immense power. The second is Aghori, the one who is above this desire of power and the third is param hansa where you become the Divine himself.

Can a soul striving to be Divine be fearful?

  1. But then is it not that aghori live in funeral ground, eat human flesh and use dead bodies for worship isn’t enough to give fear?
  1. These are three different questions let me answer them separately.

Funeral Ground, being a Hindu you must know, is the abode of Mahakaal, and so serves as a laboratory for us. It’s where we sit for hawan. You see I have always lived in cave and not in a funeral ground. I being Nath, considered to be Aghori of highest order, never sleep in a funeral ground.  The fact is we try and spend only that much time that is required for the sadhana as that is not our world. But then as I pointed there are people who have understood things wrong and hence practiced it wrong.

About eating human flesh, well here you need to understand two things. First, we don’t consider anything good or bad, fresh or rotten, hygienic or unhygienic – as the moment you differentiate you are challenging the creation of god. Second we can’t say no to anything available for eating when hungry. And most of the time in life you have other options, correct? Suppose you are in a desert, you have nothing to eat and then you find some rotten flesh, will you make a choice? Another perspective to it is sadhna, but then that’s a formality and not a diet as shown and propagated.

And to your final question about dead bodies, you know when anyone offers hawan, the best he can offer are dhoop, incense sticks, pure ghee or say gold. But when we sit for hawan on funeral prey what we offer is panch mahabhuta, that’s what our body is made of, the highest offering one can give to God.

  1. Q. So you mean the only marg to Salvation is Aghora?
  1. No, I did not say that, I said the marg to Param Hamsa is Aghora.
  1. Q. So what is the difference between the two?
  1. My guru left me in a cave to do sadhna. The next day he came back and woke me up. My body was stiff as metal. I could just see and hours later talk. Later did I realize that it was not yesterday that he had left me in the cave but I was sitting there for eight long years!

Listen carefully, I told you I don’t believe on thing I don’t see myself.

What is mokcha or salvation? Well you will say it’s when the cycle of life and death ends.

And how to achieve it? You will say by getting away from desires that maya and concentration on God.

Then son I need to tell you that you are again carrying a desire, desire to get salvation. And as per the theory you can’t get it until you leave all your desires. So you move in a circle coming to the same point again and again.

And then a better question is did anyone ever share that he or she got salvation. So basically it’s a theory that we are following without testing like fools.

Param Hansa is a desire to be the part of creator. Aghor is not killing desires its living them. Untill you want it no more. So you live this world to an extent that you want it no more and are ready for you merger in the highest order that Param Hansa.

  1. How do you see Aghor fitting in the new world religion to be more precise Hinduism?
  1. The Hindu religion is in the most deformed phase. It’s far away from what sanatan dharma was.

To quote some example, people now are taught that Mahadev and Shiva are same. Well Mahadev is infinity and Shiva an avtar who meditates on him. Bhramcharya was forced into it and small children are forced to follow it without knowing their choice. Without following it they can’t be a saint? When we had Rishi’s and Muni’s of highest order and all had wife why this new rules? Can’t a person who is equally playing his role in family be a saint?

Aghora talks about reality. It’s about being at the base. What you eat, if you booze, if you have a hippy way to live, you are a saint who so ever you are; you have that God with you. You are as close to god as I, it’s just that you need to realize.

And when God from complex becomes so simple, I ask you where does Aghor stand in new world religion?

  1. Aghor and woman are always in controversy, why?
  1. I contradict. Aghor has its clear stand on Woman.

We follow panchmakara. The five words starting with M, those are madya (wine), Mansa (Meat), Matsya (Fish), Mudra (grain) and Maithun (Sex).

But then all of these have their specific purpose. Why sex? Well the world is incomplete without Mahakaal and Mahakaali coming together, the male and female constituent of universe. So some sadhnas require a bhairvi.

But then, this has been taken as an enjoyment tool by the fake and frauds. An aghori can have a bhairvi only if he can practice a sadhna called vajrauli. And for now I guarantee there are not more than 100 who can do this. Second an aghori should have just one bhairvi who also had this mastership in this art. The rest of the women in this world are mother, sister or daughter for him.

I see advertisement of tantric sex and workshop. These are frauds. Remember there is difference in talking medicine and talking drugs. You can’t blame doctors for people dying due to drug over dose.

Seek god alone the way he wants he will guide you. Don’t force yourself seeing other. He knows best for you. When you rush you get drugged not medicine.

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