Eman touches her face with her hand, blows kiss to doctor

New Delhi: Eman Ahmed, World’s heaviest woman, who was brought to Mumbai from Egypt for her treatment on February 12, Now she is on the track to recovery. She is a citizen of Egypt.

Media sources have said that last, Last week, Eman had touched her face with her own hand, following which she blew a kiss to her doctor Dr Muffazal Lakdwala.

Dr Lakdwala confirmed that, my patient Eman weighted 498 kgs when she was brought to Mumbai, but the successful treatment. Now her weights 340 kgs.

Eman was transported from her home in Alexandria to Mumbai in a cargo plane. During her journey a special bed was used to make her more comfortable. At the Mumbai airport, Eman was lifted by a crane from the plane and placed in a mini truck for the hospital. The truck was followed by an ambulance and a police escort till the hospital.

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