India’s biggest bladder stone 1.4 kg removed by Doctor

A stone weighing 1.4 kg was removed from the urinary bladder of a patient and the doctor who operated upon him claimed that it was the single largest bladder stone recorded in India. Mahesh Patel (45), a resident of Kharvel village in Dharampur tehsil of Valsad district in south Gujarat, complained of severe pain due to blocked urine on Wednesday this week, after which he was admitted to a private hospital in Dharampur. He was operated upon last night by doctor Dhirubhai Patel, who removed the bladder stone weighing 1.4 kg which was in the shape of a coconut and in one piece from his urinary bladder. The doctor claimed that medical reports confirm that this is the biggest such stone ever removed from a patient’s body in India, and second largest in the world.”We have checked different records and we can say with confidence that this is the single largest recorded bladder stone in India, and second largest in the world,” said Patel. He said that the largest stone which has found place in the Guinness Book of Records weighs 1.9 kg and was removed from a patient in Brazil.


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