Artificial kidney may be available in market by end of decade : Report


New Delhi : Millions of people suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) may now pin their hope on a new device that can mimic a kidney and keep patients off the dialysis. Fist-sized artificial kidney may hit the market possibly by the end of the decade.

In India report, University of California San Francisco researcher Dr Shuvo Roy, co-inventor of this device. Taking about this device, he said that the device being engineered in the US will go through several safety and efficacy trials on hundreds of patients in that country before it is approved by the FDA.

According to Dr Roy, The device can be implanted in the abdomen and will be powered by the heart. It is designed to filter the blood and perform other kidney functions, including production of hormones, and help assist in blood pressure control.

Although Roy didn’t give an estimate of the cost of the device, he said that it will be much less than regular dialysis and transplant.

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