Google Areo Hyperlocal App Launched in India

Google has quietly launched the new Areo app on Google Play in India, without any official statement regarding its release. Areo is a local services application that allows you to pay bills, order food, call a plumber to fix your sink, or have a beautician come over to give you a facial.And although Google has the contact details of all these different services through the database it builds for Google Maps, it’s not using its own muscle to make this work. Instead, it has used the Google Areo app to bundle together different services. So, for example, in the food delivery section you can flip between Freshmenu, Faasos, and Box8. For other categories such as beauty and repairs, UrbanClap appears to be the main services provider at present. At the time of launch, the new Areo app supported services in parts of Mumbai and parts of Bengaluru, but naturally, this will change quickly. In Bengaluru’s HSR Layout, however, these four services were the only providers available on the app.


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