Virat Kohli adopts 15 destitute dogs

Team India and Team Bengaluru captain Virat Kohli had a very fulfilling Easter Sunday. His team might not have won the match against Team Pune, but Virat ended up passive adopting 15 destitute dogs in Bengaluru. On Sunday morning, cricket’s poster boy visited CARE, a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Jakkur, and spent nearly an hour with the dogs and cats there.An interesting observation from the volunteers was that Virat was especially concerned about the way destitute dogs are taken care of and the adoption process and percentage of Indian mongrels and rescued dogs. “We have around 50 destitute dogs in our shelter that we take care of till the end. They took to Virat instantly. He volunteered to passive adopt 15 of these destitute dogs for their care and needs. While most people go for the cutesy ones, Virat chose to specifically take care of the crippled and blind ones,” adds Sudha.

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