Meet the Directors at Indian Panorama on Day 8 of IFFI 2017!

Over the years IFFI has captured the emerging contemporary trends of cinema from a global and
Indian perspective. As a platform it has always encouraged the participation of young filmmakers
and creative people.
This year at the festival young filmmakers showcased new ideas and used innovation in their work.
Experimental film making and the willingness to take risks was evident from the kind of cinema
screened at IFFI. Young filmmakers who believe that films be made from a height of intelligence,
content wise and also visually made their presence felt at the festival.


The filmmakers who attended the event included Pratim D Gupta, director Macher Jhol, Tarun Jain,
director Haryanvi Non Feature film Amma Meri, Nithin R, director of Hindi Non Feature film Name
Place Animal Thing and Mahesh Narayan, director of Take Off and they shared their views and


Talking about the trigger that led to the making of Take Off, director Mahesh says, “If you look at the
nursing community that comes here from Kerala, it’s huge. These nurses don’t have a standard
salary they get in Kerala. My point is why they are going to these war-zoned areas. They should be
celebrated like people working at the borders. The wounds they encounter are bullet wounds. They
are not prepared for that and yet why are they going there. That question was a trigger to make this


Pratim says, “The film is about relationships and a fragmented family. Food is used like a metaphor
in the film. There so many food memories that we have. Food in many ways represents
relationships also. So I wanted to explore that.”
Director Nitin says, “This film was made before I got any formal film education. So this just a bunch
of friends who decided to make a film. I’m very happy to get this far.”


Tarun Jain says, “The idea of this film came because the projects for the past ten years that I
worked on were mostly shot in UP and Haryana. Constantly we were dealing with things which
were happening with the new constructions happening around. People are losing their farmlands.
Some of them are definitely getting good compensation but that is not giving them a stable ground
or future. The idea to do something with this crisis was always in my mind.”


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