Kochi: An accused in the February 2017 actress abduction case has come forward with startling revelations, claiming the case scripted by film personalities Manju warrier(ex wife of the accused actor Dileep) and Remya Nabeeshan with two directors , to trap Dileep .

Martin Antony, the second accused in the actress assault case, said film directors Lal and Sreekumar menon were also involved.

Antony, the second accused made a sensational disclosure to media persons here when

he was brought to the principal sessions court Ernakulam today.

“I will reveal the truth. Innocent people like me were cheated.

Manju reveived a flat in Mumbai and a chance in Odian Movie.

I have more things Innocent people like me were cheated, to disclose.

I have full faith in judiciary.” Martin said

Martin was the first suspected and arrested person in actress attack case in 2017n february.

The south Indian famous actress was abducted and molested.

She filed a petition to the police.

She was molested in the moving van near Athani, near Thrissur, Kerala.

Her objectionable images were shot by a gang which had waylaid her car that was

driven by the Martin.

Abduction case ignited kerala

The case was really ignited in kerala. Following that another famous actress filed a

complaint against the prime accused that she faced objectionable behavior from him long before.

Another leading young actress was attacked in a moving train in kerala. She also filed a case against this.

The court recently asked the prosecution to submit all the evidences against the accused.

The court asked the prosecution to inform it about the type of documents that could be

handed over to the accused.

The latter also has to communicate the grounds for rejecting the same accused.

Further hearing in the case has been scheduled for April 11 In between Actor Dileep had approached

the High court by arguing that the probe would be one sided if he could not analyses the visuals

of the crime contained in the memory card.

In the first hearing the court observed that it’s the first case in the history of kerala high court

that somebody conducting criminal conspiracy for rape that too an actor against an actress .

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