Liquor consumption in Kerala; National survey is an eye opener

Thiruvananthapuram: An official statistics prove that Kerala is far behind other states in

terms of alcohol consumption. As per the national family health survey 2015-16 only 37

percent men consuming alcohol in Kerala. Kerala is far behind the states of Arunachal Pradesh,

Tripura and Telangana. The liquor consumption in Thelangana is 54 percentage, Triura is 57

percent and Arunachal Pradesh is 59 percent.. As per the survey kerala ranked 18 in the list .

The percentage of men who consumes liquor in Kerala have also reduced considerably from

45 percent in the previous survey that is 2005-06 year.

According to the NSSO’s 2011-12 consumption data,per person consumption of alcohol in

Andra Pradesh was 34.5 liters. Keralite consume only 10.2 liters per year.

liquor consumption in women increased

But it is interestingly, women who consume alcohol in Kerala have increased from 0.7 percent

to 1.6 percent.

The proportion of women who drink in India decreased from 2 percent to one percent , though there will be few takers for this survey result if one goes by palpable trends, at least in metros.

The survey need not portray the exact situation on this count as women, unlike men, who take liquor are unlikely to disclose the truth when asked.

The percentage of women drinkers in the age group of 15-49 by far highest in the Arunachal Pradesh 26 percent and Sikkim 23 percent .

In India only 12 percent men drinking alcohol and 18 percent women drink every day.

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