Kerala government doctors go on strike: patients in trouble

Thiruvananthapuram: kerala government doctors have been on an indefinite strike since Friday.

The patients are in trouble. The kerala medical officer’s association called for agitation and might to protect against the decision to extend the op time in hospitals from 9.00 to 6.00.

The protect was also triggered by the suspension Jismy at Kumaraputhoor family health centre, palakkad.

The doctor had to face the actions after she refused to turn up for evening op duty under the Aadram mission.

The patients are still in trouble. I came to know that only doctors are on strike dr jismy said. Patients have been waiting here since 4.00 am.

A statement from the KGMOA said only the causalitywing would function during the strike and in pertinent would e provided only till april 8.

The doctors in medical college hospitals are not taking part in the stir.

The agitation was to defeat the government’s aardram project which

envisages basic facilities to all hospitals in the state and making

government hospitals patient friendly – said health ,minister KK Shyjala

teacher on her facebook post.

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