Army Commanders’ Conference Commences at Delhi

Delhi : Army Commander’s Conference Commences In the opening address

of the biannual Army Commanders’ Conference which commenced on 16

April 2018, the Hon’ble Raksha Rajya Mantri, Dr Subhash Ramrao Bhamre

complimented the Indian Army for its contributions in countering myriad

security challenges, thus, paving the way for development and progress of the Nation.


He appreciated the Army for continuous training activities undertaken including

various joint trainings and exercises with friendly foreign countries.

He stressed upon the need for being prepared for highly dynamic internal

and external security challenges.


Dr Bhamre emphasised that the Government was fully seized of the requirements

of the Indian Army regarding capability development, force modernisation and

above all, infrastructural development. He reiterated the need to optimise the

fiscal resources through synergised capacity building within the three services

through enhanced indigenisation and self reliance.


Army Chief strssed upon combat effectiveness

Army General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff, in his opening remarks, stressed

upon the need to work in a collaborative manner for retaining and enhancing the

current levels of combat effectiveness.


He gave emphasis on the need to lay down judicious priorities to ensure

that the allocated resources are utilized optimally and the force modernization

be carried out unabated.


During the Conference, chaired by Chief of the Army Staff, the senior commanders

will deliberate on the management of the extant security dynamics, mitigation of

future security threats and enhancement of combat edge over potential adversaries.


Other issues like infrastructure development for capacity enhancement along

the Northern borders, review of strategic railway lines, optimization of limited

budget to ensure making up of critical deficiency in ammunition, issues

related to Border Road Organization projects, ECHS, as also other matters

relevant to operations, administration and welfare of troops will be discussed

in detail for planning and execution.

It is expected to discuss various matters of indian army in close door session.

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