Thiruvananthapuram : Malapuram was badly effected by whatsapp call of hartal.

Later on police imposed curfew to control situation.

Today Kerala witnessed a sudden Harthal on the Kathuva issue.

The harthal is called from unidentified sources and transmitted through social media.

It has effected in several places in Kerala especially Malabar area.

It was via Whasapp that a call for shutdowns across the state surfaced on Sunday morning.

Although no mainstream or even fringe identified groups had given such a call,

nor was there was no ownership of the call mentioned anywhere in the message,

word went round that yet another Monday would see Kerala observing

partial or major hartal.

In Malabar area the harthal was not peaceful and curfew imposed at Thirur, Thanur areas.

beside malapuran other areas also effected

Towns so affected, particularly in transport sector, include Kannur,

Kakkarapparamp, Tirurkkad, Kondotty,  Tirur, Manjeri, Perinthalmanna,

Kuttippuram in Malappuram district, Kalpetta in Wayanad district,

Kasergode town and other parts of the district and parts of Thrissur

and Palakkad districts.

In many places, major roads became the target which had an immediate effect.

State-owned KSRTC buses and private vehicles were by and large allowed to ply.

Police went into action in several places, and tried to remove the road blocks.

Meanwhile Muslims League has distanced itself from the call to hartal.

League’s Kerala General Secretary KPA Majeed informed that the party has

nothing to do with the hartal.

However, he added that the party would all it can to obtain justice for the victim’s family.

The party was also thinking of moving the Supreme Court to shift the case

against the accused out of J&K state.

He also commented that calling for hartal through the social media may be a

means of diverting organized and peaceful protests; his party believes in

peaceful strikes and legal channels to ensure justice.

But CPIM and BJP filed a petition against the sudden harthal and they objected it.

Many celebrities also turned against the harthal.

On the issue there are mixed responses from all the nook and corners of the state.

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