Padmanabha Temple gets 300 crore plan for security

Thiruvananthapuram: The famous Padmanabha swami Temple of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Capital gets a nod for rupees 300 crores for security.
If the security gets then the treasure shall be opened for public. Prominent civic bodies in Thiruvananthapuram have discussed the plan with the chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Union Minister Alphones Kannanthanam. But till now there is no clearance from the Travencore Royal family. Also to get the approval the Supreme Court should interfere.
The draft plan has been drawn by Confederation of Indian Industries, Chamber of commerce, Trivandrum city connect, Trivandrum Agenda Task Force and Confederation of Tourism industries etc. the exhibition of Priceless treasure will boost the tourism industry. May be this teasure will turned out another wonder of world.

Padmanabha swami temple is a tourist and religious place

The proposal is made for rupees 300 crores and the visitors could return some rupees 50 crore annually, the plan expects. The talks would in progress with the Tourism Minister Kadakampalli Surendran. With the detailed plan, will obtain the Royal Family’s consent and proceed to seek authorization from The Supreme Court and central and state governments.

This famous padmanabha swami temple came in lime light in world level after few underground rooms were found. These rooms were filled with anecient reasures worth several laks crores. One disputer cropped up when sixth chamber was to be opened. Many people objected it due to their religious belief.

Few claimed that there is a great snake representing ‘Shesh Nag” and opening this room will create problem. They pointed out that during many thousand years none have advised or acted to open this room. After assesing the religious sentiment, the government dropped the idea of opening that room. Since then there has been a security threat due to the valuables available in the temple.

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