Elephant care violation rules now non bailable offence in kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Elephant care violation rules are now non bailable offences in Kerala.

This special care has been taken due to rising incedents of elephant related deaths in the state of kerala.

In the religious festivals, elephants play a key role.

Some time they go out of control and creat havov among huge gathering.

Beside this the wild life of the state is rapidly loosing its ecological balance and it need to be safe guarded.

Elephants management rules to be implemented

The principal chief conservator of forest has issued a ten point guidelines to the forest personnel inorder to make

strict implementation of provisions of The Kerala Captive Elephants Management and Maintenance Rules 2003.

As per the norms, torture of elephants is non bailable now.

A study report revealed that as many as thirteen captive elephants died in the last year due to lack of proper care.

The study was conducted by Forest Department.

The chief forest conservator officer issued the circular to make a list of elephants in each districts that are

forced to do heavy work and keep a close tab on them.

All these documents should examine regularly. Elephant showing signs of musth should be ensured proper rest.

All the district level committees must meet once in month and ensure the well being of the jumbos especially

in festival seasons.

In order to obtain permission for parading elephants for festivals approval from four different departments will be necessary.

The forest department has the right to confiscate animals owned by repeat offenders.

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