Fake circular on social media: kerala police registered case

Kottayam: Kerala police is vigilant about social media. Now a days kerala police is pro active on this front.

After a deliberating hartal call and pleas to be vigilant against child traffickers, a fake circular in

the name of city police circulating on social media , apparently targeting those seeking alarms during Ramadan month.

Kollam police today registered a case. The fake circular alert was in the name of CI, Kollam east

using fake emblem of city police.

The alert was against the flood of alms seekers in the month of Ramadan.

Assitant commissioner of Police A Pradeep Kumar said the police suspected that the signatures of CI was Forged.

kerala police keeping watch on such activities

Religious scholars had come out against the spread of fake circular on social media, targeting

the indigent, who usually seek alms during the month of Ramadan as Zakkath,a religious purgatory act.

The circular says “be on alert, many beggers are flowing from north Indian states to kerala during Ramadan season.

They should be turned away especially if they visit houses with women residents alone.

The police had information available that nearly one lakh people from other states had landed up

in Kozhikkod, kannur, Ernakulam, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram.

The circular said, the police found that the flow of alms- seekrs was more during Ramadan as

they got alms and it was easier to attack those who were tired after fasting. Keep away beggers, keep your houses and premises safe”.

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