The Political twin murders case: Governor seeks Action Taken Report

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala governor P Sadasivam seeks an action

taken report from the state government regarding the twin political

murders at northern Kerala.

The governor sought ATR from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, on

the violence and political murders at and round Kannur.

A local CPM leader Babu was killed on Monday night at Palloor and

a BJP worker is also killed on the same day at New Mahe.

Kannur and near by Kannur are becoming the hub of political killings.

In December last year the Governor had sought a report from

government on a petition filed by BJP seeking steps to stopping

the political killing and attackes from CPIM workers.

The governor had in January voiced concerns over the recurring

violence in Kannur between CPIM and BJP.

He said the political leaders need to take all possible measures to stop the killings

500 accused in murder case

Related to the valance in Palloor, an enclave of Puduchery following

Babu’s murder, a case has been registered against 500 CPIM workers

for offences under various sections of IPC, including rioting, assaulting

on public servant from discharging the duty etc.

The case registered after CPM workers burnt a police jeep parked

near Palloor Police station and attacked BJP office and shops belonging to BJP workers.

A series of political murders are happening in Kannur.

The police said FIR has been registered against six persons in connection

with murder of Shema, the police at New Mahe said PUduchery

DGP sunil kumar also said that an FIR is registered against the accused.

State police chied Loknath Behra said the objective was to ensure

that all the accused get esemplary punishments.

There is a co operation needed between the two governments that is Kerala and Puduchery.

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