NDMA reviews preparedness of States to counter heat wave and lightning

New Delhi – The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) conducted a

meeting with 17 heat wave-prone States here today to review their preparedness

and mitigation measures. In view of the recent incidents of thunderstorm and

lightning, preparedness measures relating to these hazards were also assessed.

In the meeting conducted through video conference, Shri R. K. Jain, Member, NDMA,

requested the States to run extensive public awareness campaigns in local languages

to educate people about the simple ways of mitigating the impact of heat waves and lightning.

He also asked the States to work on developing thresholds at local levels and ensure

wider dissemination of early warnings.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed that besides the regular five-day

forecasts, it now comes out with a special heat bulletins at 0730 hrs to help people plan their day accordingly.

Heat action plan of district level discussed

A detailed review of the preparedness of the States in terms of having Heat Action Plans

up to the district level, providing shelters, drinking water, rescheduling work timings

to avoid peak heat impact for labourers, medical treatment, etc. was carried out.

NDMA underlined the importance of training all stakeholders to build local capacities

and ensure better response in an emergency. The Authority also asked the States to

share a report on the activities carried out by them so that best practices followed

by one State can be suitably adapted by others.

Besides, NDMA has been running an all-out awareness campaign on social media

on the do’s and don’ts of heat wave, thunderstorms and lightning. NDMA’s “Beat

The Heat India” campaign is being widely used and publicised by various other stakeholders.

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