Not Granting Citizenship To Hindu Bangladeshis To Have Severe Consequences

GUWAHATI : Citizenship issue has become the burning point of discussion all over the state of assam.

With mounting concerns that has come along with the Citizenship Amendment

Bill, 2016 if it comes into force, various facets of opinions can be seen in

Brahmaputra valley and the Barak Valley.

While the Brahmaputra Valley opposes the proposed Bill, the Barak Valley displays

a complete opposite picture of opinion by displaying support towards the Bill.

As such, BJP, a section of Congress and various organisations have taken to the

streets supporting the Bill.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) held the hearing at National Institute of Technology.

pro citizenship rallies are getting louder

The protest supporting the Citizenship Amendment Bill and opposing the opinion

of the Brahmaputra Valley has reached such an extent that it was heard saying that

if the Hindu Bangladeshis are not granted citizenship, not only Assam but entire India will face its wrath.

Overall 357 organisations had applied to meet the JPC, out of which 88 are from

Karimganj, 109 from Hailakandi and 160 from Cachar district.

The committee allowed the organisations and individuals without prior registration

and also accepted their memorandum.

It may be mentioned here that even though majority of the organisations were in

the support of the amendment Bill, organisations such as KMSS, AAMSU, the

indigenous people of the valley and almost 40 organisations were in opposition.

Manipuri Muslim Federation was also seen opposing the Bill. JPC Chairman Rajendra

Agarwal informed that the JPC was astounded with responses from both the valleys expressing their opinion.

According to need and necessity the JPC will return to Assam for further hearing, he added.

It is worth mentioning that Barak Valley felt paranoid witnessing the response of the

people opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

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