Sports in college may pave the way for lucrative scholarships

College sports is a way of combining education with high-level sports, while earning a lucrative scholarship. Student athletes can play their sport competitively under world class training facilities while gaining a valuable college degree and possible lucrative sports scholarships.

And for this purpose, Crayons Academy for Skills Excellence (CASE) is providing admissions and scholarships in US colleges.

On being asked about any collaboration with government agencies in the admission process?, an official from the academy said, ‘There is no collaboration with any government agencies in the sports admission process. We hope to be empanelled with all the government recognised sports federations so that we may guide and mentor young athletes who aspire greater success in sports, while balancing their academics. We are in touch with the Golf, Tennis and Soccer federations currently.’

The official said CASE seeks to guide young sports persons to choose their path to a successful sporting career, with determined planning, energy and enthusiasm. The idea is to “play on” and “play hard”. We aspire to guide and mentor athletes from a young age to ensure they do not give up their sporting ambitions. We aim to work diligently on player development, guidance counselling, sports management and consultancy with high moral and ethical standards in place.

Talking about the current initiative by CASE, the official said, ‘India produces some of the most promising young sporting talent at our schools or national levels, but a very few of these sportspersons have excelled on the international stage. Many of these sportspersons give up their sporting ambitions right after school and turn to academics exclusively. Playing college sports in the USA provides a great option to pursue sports and academics simultaneously.’

The official said student athletes can play their sport competitively under world class training facilities while gaining a valuable college degree. Having recognised that there is very little knowledge of the process involved and the fact that the US college coaches are always on the look-out for promising talent, CASE bridges this gap successfully.

‘Our knowledge and experience of the process, and our relationships with college coaches helps navigate this process which may be somewhat alien to prospective student-athletes in India. Most importantly, since these Indian student-athletes are not able to showcase their skills to coaches in the USA, CASE provides this opportunity to bring these skills to the attention of the coaches using our years of experience and associations. Sports such as tennis, golf, squash, soccer, swimming, track and field, etc are all well represented. Other sports such as Chess and shooting are also represented for select universities,’ the official added.

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