Swearing in ceremony will be a new dimension to national politics: Kumaraswmay

Karnataka Chief Minister designate H D Kumrawamy on Wednesday said the swearing ceremony later in the day will be a new dimension to national politics with showing strength of the united opposition in the country.

Speaking to newsmen at helipad here, he said that this alliance government will be new era in the State as well as National politics. This even will give high hope to change the political situation at the national level which is need of the hour, he added.

When asked about joining hands with Congress, Mr Kumaraswamy said being forced into an alliance will not change his politics. ” I want to assure people that there is no change in my position or politics. But we must remember that it’s a coalition government and not me alone. Whatever decisions I take will be taken in consultation with the alliance partners,” he added.

He admitted that he was not happy with the way he became Chief Minster , since he wanted his full government , however, the circumstances provided the chance and this is not an easy way for him to take up this uphill task ahead .

He said that “I am not leader of any one particular caste or community but will represent all of Karnataka. If I have become Chief Minister today, it’s because of all of you. It’s not because of one community alone. I will bring in all the programmes we have promised.”

Announcing that he will go for floor test on May 25, JD(S) leader said that there has been no change in his position on the farm loan waiver. “Some media channels have shown that I have taken a U-turn in farm loan policies. However, there is no change in my stand in waiver of farm loan”.

He also emphasized that not only farmers loan waiver will be considered but also steps will be taken to make farmers economically stronger.

“All decisions will be taken by the coalition and not just me. All the promises made in the manifesto will be implemented. Safeguarding the interest of the farming community is our top priority,” he added .

Mr Kumaraswamy said that KPCC President Dr G Parameshwara will take oath as Deputy Chief Minister and after Floor test the issue of Cabinet expansion will be taken up.

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