Government committed to protect interests of farmers:Nitish

Bihar Chief Miniser Nitish Kumar today said the state government had decided to launch the scheme of giving financial assistance to farmers against the damage caused to their crops in natural calamities like floods,droughts and circumstance created by other factors.
Mr Kumar while addressing a function organised here, said that under national crop insurance scheme, state and Central government were required to pay premium for insurance of crops while farmers also used to pay nominal premium for the purpose. As per rough calculation, insurance companies used to get Rs 400 to Rs 500 crores as premium while they paid only Rs 150 Crores against the damage caused to crops, he added.
” Bihar government has decided to launch its own scheme to provide financial assistance to the farmers for damage caused to their crops,” chief minister said, adding that state government would compensate the losses to the farmers after survey of the damaged crops.
In this way, farmers would not be required to make payment of premium and they would also get financial assistance against the damage caused to their crops, he added.
Mr Kumar said that due publicity would be given to the scheme launched by the state government so that farmers could take its full advantage. State government was committed to protect the interest of farmers and there would not be any dilution in this approach at any cost, he stressed.


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