Mr Jaitley indulging in travesty of facts & trivialization of farmers’ issues: Cong on Jaitley’s response to Rahul’s speech

A war of words ensued between the Congress and the BJP after Congress president Rahul Gandhi charged the NDA of waiving off loans of top industrialists but failing to waive off loans of farmers.

After Union Minister Arun Jaitley questioned the knowledge of Mr Gandhi on the issue and termed the points made in his speech at Mandsaur as ‘factually false’, the Congress charged the Minister of indulging in a ‘travesty of facts’ and ‘trivialisation of farmers’ issues.

Charging Mr Jaitley of not having any knowledge of agriculture, AICC media incharge Randeep Surjewala, in a statement issued here, said, ‘Mr Arun Jaitley, Union Minister without portfolio, with zero knowledge of Agriculture is giving ‘GYAN’ to the Nation again today, with his usual travesty of facts and trivialization of Farmers’ issues. ‘
On Mr Jaitley’s claim that it was the UPA that waived off the loans of corporates, Mr Surjewala said, ‘Modi Govt wrote off loans of a handful of crony friends worth Rs 2.41 Lakh Crore as per reply given to Parliament by Finance Ministry as recently as on 3rd April, 2018.

Contrary to Mr Jaitley’s lies, ‘Modi Sarkar is actually the ‘NPA Sarkar’. Gross NPA’s have gone up from Rs 2,51,054 Crore in March 2014 to Rs 8,31,141 Crore in December 2017 (an increase of a whopping 230 per cent during Modi Govt) as per the reply given to Parliament by Finance Ministry, as recently as on 6th April, 2018.’
Remnding Mr Jaitley about the recent PNB scam and other bank scams, Mr Surjewala said,’Fleece the Banks’ & ‘Fly Away to Foreign Lands’ is the ‘Facility for Fraudsters’ under Modi Government’s watch. Perhaps, Mr Arun Jaitley forgets the recent ‘Bank Loot Scams’ worth over Rs 61,036 Cr.

Describing ‘Make in India’ as an empty slogan, Mr Surjewala said, ‘Make in India’ has become an empty slogan under Modi Govt. BJP and its Minister without portfolio forget that Industrial Growth has declined from 7.4 per cent in 2016 to 4.45 per cent in 2018; GFCF i.e an indicator of investment has fallen from 31.34 per cent to 28.49 per cent.; India’s Exports have fallen from Rs 19.05 Lakh Cr in 2013-14 to Rs 10.73 Lakh Cr (2017-18) and that between 2014 – 2018, India’s Revenue from Export is Zero.’

Charging the BJP of failing to fulfill its promise of creating 2 crore jobs a year, he said,’Mr Arun Jaitley waxes eloquent about Jobs. BJP promised 2 Crore jobs per year, but the stark reality that it has only betrayed our Youth. Modi Govt created only 4.16 Lakh Jobs in 2016-17. The ILO says 77 per cent of Indian workers will have vulnerable employment by 2019. Also, demonetisation led to loss of 15 Lakh jobs as per the Centre for Monitoring India economy.’

Pointing out the details of current state of the Indian agriculture, he said there has been lowest ever Agriculture Growth under the Modi Governmet at 1.9 per cent as compared to 4.2 per cent under Congress (2004-14).
‘Prime Minister’s promise of MSP = Cost + 50 per cent profit for farmers is a ‘White Lie’. Also, rural wage Growth’ has dipped from 38 per cent in 2014 to 0% in 2018 as per the RBI Report.
Tragically, 35 farmers are driven to ‘Suicide’ in every 24 hours as per the NCRB Data. Further, the sugarcane arrears have surged to over Rs 20,000 Cr as insensitive Modi government flounders,’ he said.

He alleged that the PM Fasal Bina Yojana benefits Insurance Companies, not farmers.
‘We shall like to again remind Shri Jaitley, a famous quote by Pandit Nehru, “Facts are facts, and will not disappear on account of your likes”, Mr Surjewala said.

Reacting to Mr Gandhi’s speech at Mndsaur on the first anniversary of the death of six farmers in the farmers’ agitation, Mr Jaitley had charged him of little knowledge and claimed that the points raised by him were ‘facually false’.

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