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Kerala police driver’s spinal cord broken, ADGP and his dauther in trouble

Shalini T S
Thiruvananthapuram : Driver of police has put the kerala ADGP and his dauther in more trouble.

ADGP Sudhesh kumar and his daughter Snigdha was already alleged for rough treatment with subordinates.

The police registered a non bailable warrant followed by the complaint of police driver Gavaskar.

The medical report confirms that the driver witnessed severe injuries including spinal code breakage.

The driver had alleged that the daughter of ADGP had assaulted him using her mobile phone

publically on the heavy traffic road in the morning hours.

The driver is admitted in the Thaluk Hospital, Peroorkkada now.

The medical report proves that the driver did sustain spinal injuries that will cause pain

and inflammation for several weeks.

Injuries to his vertebra have been reported in the medical report.

As per the complaints of Gavaskar he said the daughter of ADGP was hit him with

her mobile phones behind his neck.

His complaint initially ignored by the police but later to cover the row police registered

a non bailable case against the daughter of ADGP.

driver was manhandled in public

Later the daughter of ADGP too filed a complaint against the driver says that Gavaskar

tried to insult her women hood and modesty also assaulted her.

Police registered a non bailable case against him also.

But police association filed a complaint against the ADGP and his family because the

ADGP always failed to maintain good relation with the police officials and forced many

of them who are working as civil police servant under him to do slavery in his home.

The wife of Gavaskar visited Chief Minister PInarayi Vijayan yesterday.

The DGP meanwhile has summoned the leaders of police association and discussed the matter.

Chief minister PInarayi vijayan had directed DGP Loknath Behara to inquire about the

complaints the policemen are forced to do menial jobs at the house of top officers in the force.

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