Modi sounds poll bugle;blasts Mamata for syndicate raj

Sounding the poll bugle for the 2019 elections Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said people of Bengal had used the power of democracy to get rid of Communism. “Now, within months, Bengal is going to be free. Bengal is waiting for an opportunity. For a prosperous future, I request people of Bengal to think as one and not get divided,” he said.
Addressing a huge farmers’ rally here, Mr Modi said, this is the land of Vande Mataram and the national anthem. But the syndicate raj is using this great land for their vote bank.

Launching a blistering attack at the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress government for “depriving the common people of the fruits of development”, he said her dispensation had no respect for any constituent institution like the court of laws, judiciary and the Election Commission.

He accused the TMC government and the administration of working only for the interests of the “syndicates”.
“Every need of the people in Bengal is surrounded by the syndicate,” Mr Modi said and urged the people to stand united and end the syndicate raj in the state.

He said the people in Bengal had fought for ‘parivartan’ to get rid of the decades-old Left rule but this government is worse. ‘The real face of ‘Ma Mati Manush’ has been exposed. There is ‘murder your opponents’ syndicate operating here. Nothing can happen in West Bengal without the permission of this syndicate. Even doing ‘puja’ has become difficult here,’ he remarked.

“We can clearly see the condition of Bengal right now. No benefits to farmers, no opportunities to the youth. Democracy was murdered, but you stood up and fought. This has brought hope for the people of Bengal. I respect such people,” Mr Modi said.

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