kissing baba arrested

Kissing baba arrested for alleged sexually exploiting women

Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI :  Kissing baba was arrested for alleged sexually exploiting women.

Assam-based self-styled godman Ram Prakash Chauhan,

also known as ‘kissing baba’ to his followers, has been

arrested for alleged sexually exploiting women.

Chauhan claimed to possess ‘supernatural powers’.

He would then hug and kiss women on the pretext

of curing their physical and psychological problems.

A self-styled godman who hugged and kissed women

on the pretext of curing their problems has been arrested

in Assam’s Morigaon.

kissing baba aka ram prakash chauhan was arrested

on august 22 from Bhoraltup village.

He claimed to cure women’s physical and psychological

problems with his “Chamatkari Chumban” or “miraculous smooch”.

Chouhan claims his “supernatural powers” are acquired from Lord Vishnu

and he can cure any woman seeking help on marital issues.

He even had a temple in his house where he would “cure” women.

He started this “treatment” a month ago and it is supposedly a ploy to exploit rural women who were superstitious.

Self styled baba had earned quite a reputation

in the village but he was not revered.

Morigaon has been a believer of black magic for centuries.

Chauhan’s mother had also spread rumours about her son’s “therapeutic powers”.

kissing baba and mother is being interrogated

She is being interrogated by the police.

Morigaon district has a number of faith healers

who claim to be “blessed” by Lord Vishnu.

Literacy rate in Morigaon is lower other districts of Assam,

because of Mayong – a black magic village

where scores of ojhas have practised black magic for ages.

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