vegetarian meat is coming in the market

Vegetarian meat is coming in the market

New Delhi: vegetarian meat, it sounds abnormal, but its true.

Vegetarians can also eat this vegetarian meat.

Vegetarian meat is coming in the market very soon. Central women and child welfare minister, Maneka Gandhi, has informed about the work going on the preparation.

She made this comment in referring to the recent violence

regarding banned meat business and the attack on

cattle businessman by so called go rakshaks, all over the country.

This non-violent meat is being made from animal stem and it is being made in the laboratory.

In the first conference on ‘Future of Protein-Food Tech Revolution’ on Friday, she described this technology as the third pioneering discovery after electrification and IT.

Menaka claims a public opinion poll showed that 66 percent of the consumers would like to take chicken-meat and take this type of vegetarian meat.

She also said that several big IT companies have invested in this technology development.

vegetarian meat will be produced in country

She said, ‘This kind of meat must be commercialized.

According to her, the new product will replace the existing meat industry.

Today’s meat eating will be replaced by new vegetarian meat.’

Importing such type of meat from abroad is costly,

so as soon as possible, the country will avail the

technology of producing such vegetarian meat.

She hopes to see this change within next five years.

The technology has already been shown to Venice, a chicken supplier company with this technology.

People associated with protein fiber technology say that this artificial meat making industry will change the whole scenario,

Maneka Gandhi’s hopes that unnecessary violence will stop by this and the  poisonous environment will also be resolved.

After learning about this, some foreign companies have shown interest in it.

She said that need of the country will increase the production automatically.

So foreign companies are already preparing to do this.

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