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Shishir Kumar

Lately I have been a social media freak. I swallow Facebook, then Instagram, twitter and even if all those cannot justify my mental hunger I switch to Quora. New informations are secondary. False information is what I look for. Why? Oh, I am too looking for a chance to show off my own wikipedia, the one inside me.

In one of such hunts I came across a post from a page called “Har Har Mahadev” that talked about the sounds captured by NASA from Sun that sounded OM, Really! Before I could spread the web of my own informations I came across someone who had already done it.

A person from ISRO claimed that the information was wrong. He further stated “They (NASA) have captured a specific vibration. Flooded by some information from NASA’s website he concluded that if listened carefully the processed vibration sounds “Om”ish” followed by a car crash.

Who is Dumb?

No, I am not an option. I am asking between a religious channel that claimed the sound is OM scoring a point for mythology and then science claims “No, how can you say that. It was not science but vibrations” brining it back to 0-0. 

In case you cant decide let me help you out. 

Science talks about brain. Psychology talks treating it. A bunch of Neurons with synapsis to create permutation and combination via electrochemical signals. When any part of the chain is disturbed we either become abnormal or supernormal. Simple?

Please don’t think of the simpler explanation where the Big Bang sounded like a hum and that is actually the “Om”. Move ahead in the topic and we are talking about being ‘DUMB”.

So, where were we? The electrochemical signals. These are the ones that reach our brains. No they are not collected by our sense organs. They are the ‘processed’ stuff. Confused? Ok let me do what the US Navy does “kiss”.

Oh well it means, Keep it simple, stupid. Our brains that has never faced the world is incharge of telling us what we are saying, doing, feeling and all that you think you feel. Know what, we don’t hear. The ear just collects that vibrations and air density around us and send it to be processed.

At times you hear wrong. It happens. It is because the brains just interpreted a vibrations wrong. As what came was not expected or pre recorded. Our brains at times misinterprets and manipulates. I know you wont believe it. Here is a question I want you to answer truly, don’t lie.

What came in your ‘mind’ when I said I would Kiss. A physical kiss or a weird thought, “what is he talking about?” You did come to a wrong conclusion. Why did this happen. It is because when your eyes read the information and the signal reached the nerve bunch, it got processed. All the old information you had was used to take out a meaning and here you are. 

Okay, so this is how the brain works, but, who is dumb?

Please do not come to conclusion in the middle, I know your brain has  accepted the challenge. Tell the brain that his riddle is solved upto this level. The travel of information and the outcome. But, there is a missing link.  Science accepts that they have no answer as to who or what combines and give a result to all the signals it gets. Means we have sense organs or the receptors – electrochemical signals – the brain – and then it goes blank, they don’t know how does all the informations combine to give an output. 

That is what in layman term we call “Mind”. We have scientifically explored and discovered the physical brain but are still unaware of the ‘miracle’ that runs it. The moral of the story we have the complete architectural design of the house but we have no idea who lives in. 

Why this story of brain and mind?

We are people with conclusions. Unlike the animals, who do what they are born to eat, sleep, work, reproduce and sleep, we keep evolving every minute. Like a few moments ago you reprogrammed your brain that “KISS” has a new meaning and there you are evolved again. 

Accept. We do not know every thing. We are still learning. Maybe, our ancestors had more informations than we have so some figures and words in the ancient text relate to the new scientific findings, some ancient monuments make a lot of sense are far better that what we have now. We seem to have lost knowledge, mass amnesia. 

The answers to most of the new informations can be a “Maybe” but not a “No” until you self test and retest the claimed fact. Don’t pain your brain to prove someone wrong in this little known world. We know it is not that easy. Your brains has been shaped to react. But still try. Finally, If you cant then the only way to stay happy is – Mind your own business*. 

(*This is what I am doing these days)

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