Supreme Court said exactly what Anurag Kashyap told me last night!

Shishir Kumar

I was shocked reading the newspapers today. The Supreme Court of India echoed the voice of Anurag Kashyap, the film director. Being a part-time politicians, besides a freelancer, I am totally into paranormal research. So whatever comes in the two beats interests me.

We in India, non-metroites, totally depend on Television for entertainment. But the trailer of ‘Ghoul’ forced me download Netflix for once. It is a supernatural thriller based in Kashmir. A patriot girl joins the military to curb the anti-national movement in the valley. The girl is so pro-national that she gets her father caught who disgusts the government autocracies and also teaches this to his students.

Later, she is sent to a secret detention facility where the top notch militants are send for torture.  Not 3rd but 4rth degree has been shot so well that your brain would churn to digest that visuals.

All was fine until an entity, mentioned in Arabic text, Ghoul enters in the confinement. He is summoned for revenge by some inmate. I cannot tell you the whole story but as I twitted after watching the three episodes back to back “The next level to horror.”

Yes, at the end the lead summons the Ghoul for her revenge.

But as I went to bed I struggled between the entity and the background of Kashmir insurgency.

No, I was wrong. Kashyap, Patrick Graham – we know him less, is a smart chap. Its not a horror story with a political background but vice-versa. What has been brought to fore is the inhuman nationalism that has come up in years.

If this would have been directly shown the episodes would have been banned and Kashyap would have been branded a anti-national. A lot of questions should bang in your head when you witness Ghoul, ‘Is patriotism new for our country?’ We fought Mughals, British and Portuguese, didn’t we?

The tyranny of British. Are we moving on the same path?

Why do we fear criticism so much? A movement against the state should be crushed, but against a system? Is this North Korea? Do all Kashmiris support Pakistan or all Indians want Maoist to rule the country?

Know what? The terrorist need to be tackled, the maoist needs to be captured but the game of fear psychosis needs to END.

Well said by the highest court of justice in India in the Elgaar Parisha probe: “Dissent safety valve of democracy, pressure cooker will burst if not allowed.”

The Ghoul would come, yet again!

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