NRC demand for all north east states

NRC demand from other north east states,adjoining states stay alert

Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI : NRC second draft has been published.

After the publication of the second draft of NRC in Assam,

the people and organizations of few states of the region demand for implementation of NRC in their native states.

The demands are coming from Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland so far.

Tripura’s tribal parties are now pressing the central government to carry on the process of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the state.

Reportedly, Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (INPT) has

submitted a memorandum to the Registrar General and Census

Commissioner of India in Delhi explaining the reasons for NRC in Tripura.

The Indigenous outfit has planned to meet Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in this regard.

On the other hand, in Mizoram and Nagaland, various parties,

student organizations have been pressing for the NRC

since the publication of NRC in Assam.

Young Mizo Association has demanded to implement NRC in the state.

Janata Dal (United) Nagaland unit has raised the similar demand to Nagaland government.

It may be mentioned that recently, the leaders of Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (INPT)

and Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) have met concern

central authorities and ministers in Delhi and presented their demands to central government.

NRC demand for entire north east

The North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) has called for the

implementation of the National Register of Citizens in the entire

North East following a similar exercise in Assam.

NESO also felt that the modalities in this regard can be worked out by respective states as political situation is different.

A meeting was held to discuss the matter by NESO,

All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and the KSU in the city on Sunday.

NESO chairman Samuel Jyrwa told reporters that there was a need

to update NRC in all the states in the North East to gauge the quantum of problem the region is facing.

Jyrwa reminded that the demand regarding NRC update was nothing new.

KSU general secretary Donald V Thabah said while the union demands an NRC-like exercise in Meghalaya, the modalities can be different from Assam.

“The political situation in Assam and Meghalaya may be different but the government should work out the modalities for a similar exercise in Meghalaya too,” he added.

NRC demand by ksu justified and not a new issue

Check gates justified Thabah has justified the KSU’s move to set up check gates after the publication of NRC draft in Assam due to the apprehension that some of the 40 lakh persons who were left out might enter Meghalaya.

“We had no other choice but to put up our own check gates but the government assured us that the infiltration check gates will be strengthened with more manpower,” Thabah said.

Safety assured On the harassment to residents from Silchar, who entered Meghalaya recently, AASU adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya said there should not be any cause for worry for genuine Indians entering Meghalaya.

“Genuine Indians should not fear and they can contact KSU, NESO or AASU,” Bhattacharya said.

He said the NRC was a document to protect the identity of the indigenous people of the North East.

On those who will be left out when the final NRC list is published, Bhattacharya asserted that both India and Bangladesh should sign a bilateral treaty to deport illegal immigrants.

Mamata slammed Bhattacharya has asked parties and their leaders to desist from politicising and communalising the NRC exercise.

“Trinamool Congress should learn a lesson from the problem in the North East

and save West Bengal from being swamped by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh,” he said.

“Bangladeshis are also entering West Bengal. Concentrate more on securing your borders,” he added.

The AASU adviser pointed out that there is a propaganda going on that NRC was anti-Bengali or anti-Muslim.

“This is a propaganda by some political leaders of the country.

I want to tell such leaders that India is for Indians and Assam

and the rest of North East is also for Indians and not for illegal Bangladeshis,” Bhattacharya said.

He asserted that NRC update was against illegal Bangladeshis and not against any Indian.

Parliament discussion The AASU adviser deplored that political parties did not take up the issue of illegal immigrants in Parliament.

According to Bhattacharya, the influx is a grave situation and what’s happening in the North East should be discussed in Parliament.

NRC row, mizo students pushed back 500 people to assam

nrc, mizoram pushed banck five hundred people

The Mizo Zirlai Pawl or the Mizo Students’ Federation

claimed that its activists have detected and pushed back

nearly 500 people from Assam trying to enter into Mizoram

without valid citizenship documents.

The outfit’s activists have started keeping a vigil on the

Mizoram-Assam border following publication on  July 30 of the final draft

of the NRC in Assam, in which 40 lakh applicants were left out,

MZP president L Ramdinliana Renthlei said.

MZP president said that activists of his organization detected and pushed back around 500 people from Assam from three checkpoints – Vairengte, Bairabi and Saiphaim between August 16 and August 30.

He alleged that the Mizoram government did not take necessary steps, though other northeastern States made arrangements to prevent “illegal migrants” from sneaking in.

The outfit’s activists have started keeping a vigil on the Mizoram-Assam border following publication on July 30 of the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, in which 40 lakh applicants were left out.

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