Dick frey didn't expect to see shark in his backyard!

Dick frey didn’t expect to see shark in his backyard!

London: Dick frey ia a 69 year old man.

something most unbelievable to have happened in the life of this man.

The man shot a footage around two weeks ago from his house in Bonita Springs, Florida, USA, and it shows a nine-foot long bull shark swimming in the channel just behind his building.

What a chilling scene to have from your bedroom!

see the video

The elderly man spotted something moving in the water when he just thought of going to have his first coffee.

Soon, the picture was clear for him.

It was a giant shark wandering around.

Bull sharks are known to be one of the most aggressive and unpredictable shark species.

Dick frey posted his video in sociak media.

His shot became viral within minutes.

A home video of a 9-foot bull shark swimming along a seawall in a canal right next to a condominium complex’s lawn took the internet by storm last week, garnering more than 1.5 million views.

dick frey video has raised alarm

Now, some residents in the Bonita Springs neighborhood where the footage was shot are calling on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to make the north end of Little Hickory Island a swimming-only zone.

The now-viral YouTube video that cast light on the problem has been followed by other videos and similar sightings have been reported.

Residents of the area are calling for the stricter rules to prevent someone from getting hurt, Click Orlando reported.

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