Tsunami risk due to man made global warming has increased

Tsunami risk due to man made global warming has increased

New Delhi : Tsumani risk specially in sea cities has increased many times now.

Man made global warming is now going to take its toll.

Risk of tsunamis has increases many fold.

It has been made very clear that metros and big cities near sea will be worst effected in near future.

With a wave runup of nearly 200 metres, the tsunami

that ripped through an Alaskan fjord in 2015 was

one of the largest ever documented.

But with no-one killed, it almost went unnoticed.

It was triggered by a massive rockfall caused by melting of the Tyndall Glacier, which experts say has given them the clearest picture to date of landslide-generated tsunamis.

Tsunami due to glaciers melting will happen

With global warming causing glaciers to shrink at an unprecedented rate, there is an increased risk of tidal waves triggered by the collapse of rocky slopes weakened as ice retreats, a study in Scientific Reports said Thursday.

The tsunami generated a wave runup, the maximum vertical extent of wave uprush on a beach, of 193 metres (633 feet).

Glacial ice supports and undercuts steep slopes so when the ice melts, the underlying bedrock is left exposed and unstable, increasing the likelihood of rockfalls and landslides.

“We need to better understand the risk posed by these steep slopes in a changing climate,” Shugar said.

The study provides a benchmark for modelling landslide and tsunami hazards, the authors said.

“Our results call attention to an indirect effect of climate change

that is increasing the frequency and magnitude of

natural hazards near glaciated mountains.

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