earthquake panic at kilkata

Earthquake shocks in many states of eastern India

New Delhi: Earthquake again made people afraid today. Seismic shocks were felt in eastern India’s Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. Earthquake tremors have been felt in Jalpaiguri, Araria.

Earthquake tremors were also felt in the Alipurduar. These shocks were felt for around 30 seconds. While earthquake tremors were also made in Siliguri.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Assam’s Saptagram, while its Richter scale intensity was 5.5.

Seismic tremors were felt in Malda, Purnia, Munger. The west bengal areas felt it again within ten days.

However, there is no news of loss of any kind of damage till now.

The depth of the earthquake was 10 km deep.

In many areas of Bengal, Bihar and Assam people came out of their homes after earthquake shocks This second shock of earthquake has been felt within ten days in the areas of West Bengal.

earthquake panic lasted for more than one hour

earthquake forced people to come out oif their places and search for a safe place.

Even after 30 seconds tremmor, people waited for more than one hour to feel safe in case of repeated shock.

Earlier, earthquake shocks were felt in Jammu and Kashmir around 5.15 am today.

Its intensity was recorded at Richter Scale 4.6. While two earthquake tremors were felt within 24 hours in Delhi.

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