Raghuwar das, Chief Minister said nation will stand united when required

Raghuwar das, Chief Minister said nation will stand united when required

Ranchi: Raghubar Das, Chief Minister said that we should work to increase the morale of our army.

He said that our government has worked to increase the compensation amount of

Rs 2 lakh to 10 lakh rupees for the martyr jawans of the country.

Their kin are also being given land to build house and job on compensation ground.

The Chief Minister was addressing the Parakram festival, which was held from

September 28 to September 30 for three days organized in Audrey House, Ranchi.

On this occasion, he did signature for the brave soldiers of the Surgical Strike

and also saw the exhibition in Ardrey House by the Indian Army.

The Chief Minister said that the Parakram festival is being celebrated throughout the country.

Today, in the year 2016, the brave soldiers of India had entered Pakistan and demolished the bases of the terrorists.

He said that Jharkhand has given the country many heroic soldiers, it is the land of

Albert Ekka and Bhagwan Birsa. We have to further increase its pride.

Raghuwad das also said country first

The Chief Minister said that country should be first for us whenever there is a

need; we should be ready to give sacrifice for the country.

The Chief Minister while bowing down to the soldiers of the country said

that every person of India is grateful for your sacrifice.

He said that our government is working to build the largest ever Memorial Park in the country,

where the lives of all martyrs of Jharkhand will be written and a replica of Kargil war will also be made.

Seeing that the youth of the state will understand their duty towards country and their morale can also be increased.

On this occasion, Chief Secretary Shri Sudhir Tripathi, Principal Secretary to Home Department Shri SKG Rahate, Army Officers, NCC and children of Kasturba School were also present.

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