Scientists on success path for reversing age and releted dieses

Scientists on success path for reversing age and releted dieses

New Delhi: Scientists have now succeeded in preventing and reversing the age. After this method has been worked out in scientific tests, this success has been given to scientists. Under this, some changes were made with external help inside human cells.

For this reason, scientists have been able to achieve this success in the process of reversing age. This test was conducted at Exeter University Medical School.

Public announcements have now been made about the findings of the experiments done under it. It has been reported that certain types of proteins present in the human body are directed only to those who operate in the body.

For this reason, human beings are gradually aging. Scientists have found success in identifying those cells and activating them again, in which the man can remain young forever.

For this, the animals were first used. After the experiment is successful, they are preparing to experiment with humans.

scientists have explained  the process of age reversal

It is said in the scientific dissertation that the cells present in human or animal bodies actually control it. When these cells break down and the process of building new cells starts slowing, then the human being starts getting old.

In fact, the particular proteins present in the body stop these cells from breaking forth and preventing the formation of new cells. Now the method of turning this sign into the laboratory has been tried.

University professor Lorna Harris said that the whole team is very excited by this achievement. By further developing it, the cells of the body can be ordered to break out freshly.

When new cells begin to be formed again by the fragmentation of body cells, then the human age decreases again. That is, he can be young again with his face and physical strength.

The scientists are of the opinion that salvation can be found in this method from many diseases caused by age. Especially with memory loss and physical impairment, it can definitely get rid of.

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