farmers and workers must in development of nation– Raghubar Das

  • Crop insurance premiumto be paid by government-CM

Ranchi: farmers and workers should contribute more of their efforts for the development of the nation. Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today said that in the development of the nation

the contribution of the villages poor farmers and workers is a must for the development of state and nation.

Addressing the Global Agriculture and Food Summit at the Khelgaon here

he agriculture was the soul of the nation and base of the culture and traditions.

He said that infact all our festivals are also directly and indirectly related to the agriculture.

Mr Das said that in Jharkhand 60-70 per cent population was agriculture.

He said that the state government has sanctioned sufficient funds for the

develoment of agriculture and allied activities and framed a separate food processing

policy which is focused on bottling and packaging as food processing was

an important link between the farmers and urban customers.

Raghubar Das said that during the function online foundation has been laid for

50 food processing companies which will creatr employment for the youth

and even the farmers would get right cost of their products.

Mr Das said that in the year 2013-14 the agriculture growth rate was minus 4.5 per cent

which has turned into a positive growth of 14 percent which was mainly due to the hardwork of the farmers of the state.

Farmers should explore other possibilities

Mr Das said that the picture of the villages did not change in the last 67 years

and it was only when Prime Minister Narendra Modi that steps were taken

to improve the condition of the farmers and a target was set to double their incomes.

He said that Jharkhand was getting the benefit of double engine.

He suggested that farmers should try to earn one third of income should come

from agriculture another one third from animal husbandry

and another one third from horticulture floriculture and solar farming.

He said that farmers should do solar farming on barren land and the same

would be procured by the state government through grid at Re 3 per unit.

He said that it is priority for the state government to ensure that the farmers are not looted by the middlemen.

He said that 28 lakh farmers in the state would be given mobile phones

from 2019-21 while in 2019 the premium of crop insurance would be paid by

state governnment similar to what was done in the year 2018.

To the farmers he said that those who would be paying their loans within one year from them zero percent interest would be taken.

Farmers are getting full support of state and central government

The Chief Minister said power would reach in all homes by 2018 and by May 2019

separate feeders would be set for agriculture so that farmers can get power

for six hours for agriculture works while separate feeders would be provided

for house hold and industrial usages.

Mr Dad said by August 2019 power would be available in the rural areas 24 x 7.

He said that since the people were living in the era of globalisation therefore the farmers should use modern technology

and asked the farmers to focus on dairy production to bring White revolution

by 2022 in the state and said that every year 100 farmers would be sent abroad.

He also asked the farmers to focus on organic farming as all these steps would lead to doubling the income of the farmers by 2022.

Governments at Center & states have displayed vision to fight cancer: Ratan Tata

Ranchi : Chairman of the Tata Trust Padma Vibhushan Ratan Tata today appreciated the fact the government at the centre as wellas those in the different states have showed their vision to tackle cancer by springing up a number of cancer treatment hospitals across the country which are providing patients affordable treatment and state of the art facilities.

Addressing a function organised at Kadma Maidan in Sukurhutu of Ranchi where he jointly laid the foundation with Chief Minister Raghubar Das to construct the 302 bed Ranchi Cancer Hospital and Research center, he said that the Chief Minister of Jharkhand should also be congratulated and complimented for his forth sight for the laying of foundation stone for this hospital.

He said, lakhs of people every year die in the nation due to cancer and many have lost their will to live due to the high cost of treatment and the difficulty involved, moreover there was also lack of medicines which depicted a sad scene for the treatment to the diseases.

“The government at the centre as well as those in the different states have showed their vision to tackle cancer by springing up a number of cancer treatment hospitals across the country which are providing patients affordable treatment and state of the art facilities,” he said adding that project of this scale has not been taken up any where in the world or the country.

Mr Tata further said, in the next 20 to 30 years the Tata Trust hopes to set up a roadmap with the government where cancer deaths in the country can be minimized. “The road is not easy but the goal is achievable,” he said.
Mr Tata said, North East region of the country has a large number of cancer patients and hoped that the Ranchi Hospital will play a leading role in the region in tacking the cancer diseases.

He said, Tata Trust was committed to make Ranchi hospital a success which will also be a symbol of prosperity and well being and good health of the people of the area. He hoped to work with the both sides positively so that as to ensure the hospital is a success.

Mr Tata who had visited the state way back in February 2017 during the Global Investors Summit said he was very happy to have come back here and spend 2 to 3 hours among the people for laying the foundation stone for the cancer hospital.

Raghuwar das, Chief Minister said nation will stand united when required

Ranchi: Raghubar Das, Chief Minister said that we should work to increase the morale of our army.

He said that our government has worked to increase the compensation amount of

Rs 2 lakh to 10 lakh rupees for the martyr jawans of the country.

Their kin are also being given land to build house and job on compensation ground.

The Chief Minister was addressing the Parakram festival, which was held from

September 28 to September 30 for three days organized in Audrey House, Ranchi.

On this occasion, he did signature for the brave soldiers of the Surgical Strike

and also saw the exhibition in Ardrey House by the Indian Army.

The Chief Minister said that the Parakram festival is being celebrated throughout the country.

Today, in the year 2016, the brave soldiers of India had entered Pakistan and demolished the bases of the terrorists.

He said that Jharkhand has given the country many heroic soldiers, it is the land of

Albert Ekka and Bhagwan Birsa. We have to further increase its pride.

Raghuwad das also said country first

The Chief Minister said that country should be first for us whenever there is a

need; we should be ready to give sacrifice for the country.

The Chief Minister while bowing down to the soldiers of the country said

that every person of India is grateful for your sacrifice.

He said that our government is working to build the largest ever Memorial Park in the country,

where the lives of all martyrs of Jharkhand will be written and a replica of Kargil war will also be made.

Seeing that the youth of the state will understand their duty towards country and their morale can also be increased.

On this occasion, Chief Secretary Shri Sudhir Tripathi, Principal Secretary to Home Department Shri SKG Rahate, Army Officers, NCC and children of Kasturba School were also present.

Raghuwar das gave instructions on ongoing projects

Ranchi: Raghuwar das, chief minister Jharkhand said today that complete the construction of the High court and Vidhansabha in stipulated time frame.

Review work progress every month.

The work of approach road, water, electricity, etc. should also be done simultaneously.

Complete the work of construction of houses on the rehabilitation site by December.

With this, start the work of secretariat building. Complete all the procedures related to it.

The above instructions were given in the meeting of the GRDA in Project Building.

The Chief Minister said that all the departments related to the construction should be notified that in case of spending more than the fixed amount in the tender, they have to take prior permission of Departmental Secretary.

There are complaints of such work done without permission, It should not happen.

Raghuwar das got the time line

It was informed in the meeting that the work of the Vidhansabha will be completed by January.

The construction of 393 houses in the rehabilitation site will be completed by December.

The paperwork is being completed for the secretariat building.

In the meeting, Chief Secretary Shri Sudhir Tripathi,

Development Commissioner Shri DK Tiwari,

Additional Chief Secretary of Finance, Shri Sukhdev Singh,

Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Dr. Sunil Kumar Barnwal,

Secretary, Department of Building Construction Shri Sunil Kumar and others were present.

Chief Minister raghuwar das stressed for environmental protection

Ranchi: Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that the basis of civilization in India is environmental protection.

Today the climate is worrisome. The poor state like Jharkhand need development.

We are pushing for environmental friendly development.

Developed countries first exploited the environment and now they are teaching developing countries about climate change.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has expressed the country’s commitment to protecting the environment.

He was speaking in the workshop organized on Climate Change – Challenges and Opportunities in Jharkhand in Project Building.

The Chief Minister said that the State Government has taken several important steps for the protection of the environment like promotion of plantation and solar energy.

For the first time in Asia, the solar powered court has been started from Jharkhand.

There is a plan to install solar power in 519 government buildings including schools, offices, community health centers, hospitals, courts across the state.

In place of diesel cars in the state, government departments are being encouraged to use e-vehicles.

The Department of Energy has started using electric cars. By 2030, diesel cars will prove to be helpful in converting one-third of the cars into green vehicles.

Situated in the lap of nature, Jharkhand is working rapidly in earning carbon credits and also towards energy and underground water conservation.

In order to make children aware about the environment, the state government will also include environmental protection topics in their syllabus.

Chief minister said that management of this is not so easy

The Chief Minister said that the management of climate change is not as easy as it appears.

It cannot be expected that people leave the things they are using since long.

It requires determination. All departments should contribution to climate control at their own level.

To prevent environmental degradation, it is necessary to create environmental awareness.

In the program, Development Commissioner Shri DK Tiwari,

Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Forests and Environment,

Shri Indushekhar Chaturvedi, Additional Country Head of UNDP,

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Head of the Forest Shri Sanjay Kumar

and a large number of environmentalists, scientists and others were present.