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  • NRC, 75000 biharis at assam

    NRC : 73,000 Biharis Living in Assam Submitted Documents : Sushil Modi

    Bhupen Goswami GUWAHATI : NRC is being prepared under the supervision of the Supreme Court with a view to enlisting Indian citizens living in the north eastern state.About 73,000 people […]

  • hotel owners unique initiative

    Hotel Owner Provides Free Meal To Soldiers In Assam

    GUWAHATI : Hotel owner, who has been providing free meal to Indian soldiers, his name is Subrata Ghosh. Ghosh has a special bonding with Indian Army. When he was a […]

  • Arunachal, Assam On High Alert As Siang Water Rolls on

    Arunachal, Assam On High Alert As Siang Water Rolls on

    GUWAHATI : Arunachal, Assam On High Alert As Siang Water Rolls on China’s Tsangpo river swells after heavy rainfall. Assam is passing through deep anxiety with eyes fied on the […]

  • Justice Ranjan Gogoi from Assam

    Justice Ranjan Gogoi from Assam To Take Over As The Next CJI

    Bhupen Goswami GUWAHATI : Justice Ranjan Gogoi (from Assam)will take over as the next Chief Justice of India (CJI) after the retirement of current CJI Dipak Misra, according to a […]

  • assam fish market crashed

    Assam Dumps Imported Fish, Market Crashed

      Bhupen Goswami GUWAHATI : Assam have decided not to believe in Government inregard of matter of health and quietly dumped the imported fish fearing contamination of fish with formalin. […]

  • Landslides killed Three

    Landslides killed Three as heavy rain batter assam

    GUWAHATI : landslides claimed three lives after torrential rains since Thursday night which triggered flash floods and led to water logging in several areas, official sources said . Landslides at sankardeb […]

  • assam cm visits state zoo

    Assam CM Sonowal visits Assam State Zoo

    Takes stock of prevalence of ‘Canine distemper’ GUWAHATI : Assam cm visited the state zoo inn order to take stock of the ground situation in the Assam State Zoo which […]

  • assam chief with bajpayee's ash

    Vajpayee’s Cremated Remains To Be Brought To Assam Today

    GUWAHATI : Vajpayee’s Cremated Remains To Be Brought To Assam Today. After Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s cremated remains were immersed in Haridwar on August 19, now it will be brought to […]

  • NRC the new ban for assam

    NRC Is The New Ban For Assam, Neighbours Push Back

    GUWAHATI : NRC has become a new bane for people of Assam who are residing in neghbouring states of North Eastern region. Thousands of people from assam were driven out […]

  • grenade

    Assam Rifles jawan wounded in Imphal grenade attack, 2 dead

    GUWAHATI : A jawan of Assam Rifles was wounded in a grenade attack in Manipur’s capital city Imphal on Tuesday. He has been identified as N Prem Singh. Unidentified miscreants hurled […]